Carta del presidente K.R. Ravindran a los gobernadores españoles…


Dear DGs Aragon, Carvajal and Civantos,

It was so refreshing to meet three District Governors who were willing to put personal glorification aside to work together to bring about a conference which saw Rotary gain as never before in Spain. Its a model which others in your neighbouring countries will do well to emulate.
It was even more delightful to see three spouses of the District Governors being supportive to each other.

I am so happy that I accepted your invitation to be present in Spain. You have brought about a new culture which augurs well for the future of Rotary in this country and now you must do everything possible to ensure you support the incoming leaders to maintaing this example you have set.

I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the conference. The session with the young ones was particularly note worthy. The lunch with the Presidents and the evening dinner event were marvellous. Even speaking at 11.45 pm did not feel too bad considering the enthusiasm of the crowd!

Thank you for being at the airport to receive us and for welcoming with all the VIP trappings. Thank you also for the wonderful gifts you gave us. And most of all I thank The figure of Don Quixote will occupy a prominent place in our house hold. Your respective spouses Maria, Loly &Carmen (I hope I got the names right) were so helpful and kind to Vanathy,

I am hoping we can run into each other at Seoul. There will be a large crowd. But the Presidents lunch may be a good place to meet if you come early and grab a table close to mine.

You and I still have more than 45 days of work left. We will not relax and we will work for Rotary till the last day of our respective terms so that we walk away knowing we gave it everything we had in us and did not let down the faith those who selected us had on us. We truly will be a great gift to Rotary and a gift to the world. Rgds. Ravi

K.R. Ravindran

President, 2015-2016

Carta del presidente K.R. Ravindran a los gobernadores españoles.


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